Whether you're a coach, referee, a parent, or just looking to see if this league is right for your family, we've got the resources you need.

and Regulations

Policies and guidelines help to structure our everyday workings. 


On the court

we adhere to a modified version of FIBA rules


Off the court

we have rules and regulations to keep us running smoothly


As a group

our by-laws outline important rules of governance for us to follow

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Parent Resources

Thinking about registering your child to play in the St. Albert Youth Basketball League? Here is the information you'll need to make an informed decision!

Practices and Games

The basketball season begins in the last week of October and runs until mid-March. Each team has one 60 minute weeknight practice and one 90 minute game on Saturday morning or early afternoon. Your practices will be on the same weeknight, same time and same gym each week, with the exception of gym cancellations that happen from time to time.

Our team management system, SportsSignup Play, has a free app for iPhones and Androids to help you keep track of your schedule and any changes or cancellations that come up by sending you email reminders or alerts. You can also use this app to communicate with your team if you need help with carpooling or if you think you may have left something behind at practice.


Our coaches care about our community and are in this for the love of the game. They will work with your child one-on-one and in a group to hone their skills on the court and build their self-confidence along the way. The goal is for each player to improve throughout the season and have a great time while doing it!

We strive for a safe environment for your child, which is why all of our coaches are required to complete regular background checks.

Are you interested in coaching your child? Scroll down to see our Coach Resources for more information!

Registering your child

To register your child in the league, click on the SportsSignup Play button at the top of the webpage. If you're new to the league, you'll be asked to make a family account, and then you will add parents and children to register as volunteers, referees or players. If you have played with the league before, sign in to your account and register your child(ren) for the current season, updating their height and how many seasons of basketball they have played.

For more information on the registration process, fees and what you'll need to play, click the Register link in the navigation bar above.

Coach Resources

Coaching is extremely rewarding - you get to watch your team grow together and master the skills you teach them, and there's nothing quite like giving back to the community. Are you thinking about coaching in our league? Here are some important resources for new and experienced coaches alike.

Your team

As a coach or assistant coach in our league, you'll receive your team roster and practice schedule in mid-October and an automated message will be sent to the team parents to let them know when and where to meet. In general, your practice will be at the same place at the same time each week, unless there are any school cancellations.

You can communicate with your team with the SportsSignup Play app, available for free for iPhone and Androids. You and your team will automatically receive information from the league about any schedule changes through this app, so we highly recommend using it! You can send messages to your team if someone leaves something behind at a practice or game, and your players can RSVP to team events so that you always know what your roster will be like on Saturdays.

Support and forms

The home team is required to provide a scoresheet for the game - here is one you can type your players names into to save you a little time during warm-up.

80-point Scoresheet

Whether you've never coached basketball or you've been coaching for years, it's nice to have a little help. If you're interested in attending a clinic to become NCCP certified, contact us! Here are some helpful links for new drills and plays on the court:

FIBA Basketball for Young Players

This interactive online book provides 382 pages of help on topics such as organizing a practice, the behaviour of a coach and video demonstration of drills and plays.

Breakthrough Basketball - Coaching Youth Basketball

This website is very useful to first-time and experienced coaches alike! You can find sample practices for each age group and list of skills for your players to master.

Background checks

As part of our commitment to our players' safety, we require all volunteers who work directly with children to submit regular background checks. Please see the instructions and volunteer letter below to complete yours before September for the fastest results.

RCMP - About vulnerable sector checks

Volunteer letter

Fill out this letter and bring it to an RCMP station if you live in St. Albert, or and EPS station if you live in Edmonton. There should not be a charge associated with this check - but if there is, please give us the receipt and we will happily reimburse you!



There's no job quite like officiating - you get to know the players and coaches in the league, build your knowledge of the game and get paid to do it. It's a rewarding way to stay involved in SAYBL and give back to your community! 

Getting Started

If you're looking for a source of income with a flexible schedule, consider becoming a referee for the St. Albert Youth Basketball League! Being an official is great work experience and can help build your leadership skills, confidence and your bank account.

If you would like to try being a referee, contact us. We'll provide you with all the training you need to learn the rules and how to command authority on the court.


In addition to the clinic we provide at the beginning of the season, our referees are supported all season long by the league and referee coordinators. If you need clarification on a rule or would like someone to watch you officiate a game, just ask - we know it's not always an easy job, so we are there for you 100% of the way!


It helps to have a few things with you in your gym bag before you ref a game (aside from your whistle, jersey and running shoes, of course!). Below you'll find the FIBA rules we follow in our league, as well as a quick-reference guide for the difference in rules between divisions - it helps to review some of the major rules before stepping on the court to refresh your memory. You'll also find a scoresheet in the links below - even though the coaches generally bring one, it couldn't hurt to have a couple on hand just in case.

FIBA Official Rules 2014

SAYBL Quick Reference Rule Grid 2016-2017

FIBA Two Person Officiating 2010

80-point Scoresheet

Gym Locations

School Use

As a long standing community group, the City of St. Albert generously allows us to use their school facilities free of charge. Each year we make requests to the city for our required times, and they let us know what is available for us to use. Sometimes schools have other commitments and cannot host us for a short time - when this happens, we do our best (with help from the City of St. Albert) to find a suitable alternate gym for the practice or game that would otherwise be cancelled.

Rules for Gym Use

It's important to remember that we are guests at all of these gyms, and we need to be conscious of the rules we are asked to follow:

  • No food or drink allowed in the gyms except for water
  • Remove outdoor footwear at the door
  • Children are to be supervised by their parents or guardians at all times
  • We are only permitted to use the gymnasium, the bathrooms and the foyer in each school. Do not wander the halls and stay out of restricted areas.
  • Be courteous and clean up after yourself


The St. Albert Youth Basketball League is dedicated to providing families with an affordable, community-centered fun activity that provides youth with a basketball program in which they can improve their skills and have fun in a non-competitive environment.

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