This year our season will run from January until the end of May, assuming it is safe to do so and the schools are open for community use. You can register anytime between Oct 1st and December 1st, depending on available slots

divisions of play

Our age groups and format may change with our new Covid guidelines. Stay tuned for more information!
Each age group is separated into boys and girls divisions of play. Your child's grade in school will determine their division. If your child is homeschooled, please contact us at

Registration fees in all three divisions are the same


What you'll need to play

  • A basketball (see sizes to the right)
  • Non-marking running shoes
  • Shorts or sweatpants

Number 1.png

Division 1

Grades 3-4

Both groups play with a size 5 ball 

(27.5" or 17oz)

Number 2.png

Division 2

Grades 5-7

Both groups play with a size 6 ball 

(28.5" or 20oz)

Number 3.png

Division 3

Grades 8-10

Boys play with a regulation men's ball 

(size 7, 29.5") 

Girls play with a regulation women's ball

 (size 6, 28.5")

family Pricing

Early registration available from June 1st to October 7th
Late registration fees take effect on October 8th

Early Registration
1-2 Children

$100 /child

Late registration

$150 /child

Early Registration
3 Children

$90 /child

Late registration

$140 /child

Early Registration
4+ Children

$85 /child

Late registration

$130 /child

Financial Assistance

If money is tight right now, click here to download an application for a KidSport grant. Once you've filled the form out and had it signed by a board member, send it in to KidSport St. Albert and they will take care of the rest!

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The St. Albert Youth Basketball League is dedicated to providing families with an affordable, community-centered fun activity that provides youth with a basketball program in which they can improve their skills and have fun in a non-competitive environment.

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